Production of dimensional timber

For the production of Palleteries’s dimensional timber, we use both the widespread coniferous, as well as the less frequently used deciduous trees. Our timber is prepared at the log sawing workshop, where it is sawed into dimensional timber. The by-products of this process – chips and wood-shavings, are also used for production.

Production of pressure-treated blocks

In 2016 a new facility for the production of pressure-treated blocks was built. Wood- shavings from the log sawing workshop are used in the production of pallet blocks, they are dried, mixed with glue and compressed into a special block form, resulting in high- quality and already dry pallet blocks of different sizes for further production of pallets.


A large amount of the products we produce is dried in new and modern kilns. Dried wood is in high demand by many of our clients in various countries of the world, it also has a higher added value and lower transportation costs per unit.

Environment-friendly process

Renewable resources are used in all of the products we produce – logs from our vast forest arrays for the production of dimensional timber for pallets, wood-shavings from the log sawing workshop for the production of pallet blocks, as well as wood chips, that we obtain from different tree scraps, are used in a
modern boiler house to produce heat for the wood-shaving and timber kilns.