About us

“Palleteries” is a company whose team has amassed more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of dimensional timber for pallets. We are one of the leading sawn timber producers in Latvia who provide dimensional timber of consistently high quality for manufacturers of pallets and other types of packaging.

We are growing along with the needs of our clients, to provide our clients with everything necessary and more – when choosing us, our clients choose a stable and reliable partner, precise and expeditious deliveries, and products of unchangingly high quality, sized according to the client’s needs.

Made in Latvia

Latvia is one of the greenest countries in Europe whose forest area reaches 50,3% – forests take up half of Latvia’s territory. A wide variety and extensive availability of deciduous and coniferous trees facilitate woodworking as one of our country’s most advanced industries. Dimensional timber for pallets made in Latvia – it is a mark of quality chosen and trusted all over the world.

Deadlines matter

One of the most critical aspects of manufacturing pallets and other types of packaging is punctuality – even one cargo delivered later than scheduled can delay the whole manufacturing process and client deadline committals. That is why the sharp deadline conditions of clients have never caused us any trouble – we know how important every minute is and we always abide delivery deadlines. That creates trust in long- term cooperation.

Wide variety of sizes

Dimensional timber for pallets is usually offered without much modification options. We have adjusted our manufacturing technologies to our clients’ needs, that is why it is possible to order dimensional timber in the sizes and of those wood materials, which are necessary for the client – we produce dimensional timber of any size from the widespread coniferous materials, as well as deciduous trees.

Global experience

Our products are used daily by clients in Germany, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world, and in Korea, our products are used by 20 of the largest pallet manufacturing companies. 20- years’ experience in manufacturing of dimensional timber, a production capacity of up to 5000 m3 per month and the close, long- term cooperation with the logistics companies lets us deliver our wood products to anywhere in the world.

Our Korean partners

Korea is one of our largest export markets where on average, each month we deliver 60 – 90 containers of Palleteries’s products made of wood, providing manufacturing material to 20 different large pallet manufacturing companies.

Want to learn more? Visit our Korean website.